Tuesday 21 March 2017

Hello Tokyo!

(Near lake Kawaguchi - can you see Mt. Fuji in the distance?)

Hello Tokyo

Hey lovely people! So I’m writing today’s blogpost from February Cafe - which is a lovely little coffee shop in Asakusa, Tokyo. I arrived in Japan on the 14th of March, and this marks my third trip to this totally amazing country. So what have I been up to these last few days? Well, here are some of my highlights!


(Dont mind a little rain @ Senso-ji Temple)

I always stay in Asakusa. It’s one of the many bustling and totally touristy parts of the city, but you can literally find everything you need right here. It has an awesome temple, great shops, every type of Japanese Cusine imaginable, not to mention cheap places to stay. My favourite Hostels are Tokyo Origami and Sakura Hostel - they are clean, safe and have super helpful staff - plus extremely awesome showers. Tokyo Origami even has heated toilet seats!

Mt. Fuji (Kawaguchi-ko)

(Mt. Fuji from lake Kawaguchi)

This was my first time seeing Mt. Fuji and it was so worth the overnight trip to kawaguchi. Since March is low season, I couldn't actually climb the mountain (maybe next time) but I certainly got close. I got really lucky and the weather was super nice allowing me to see for miles. 

And speaking of miles - I walked about 12 of them! Kawaguchi is one of the biggest lakes near Mt. Fuji and walking around it was literally breathtaking/ heart stopping! My feet are still recovering!

Harajuku and Shibuya


I always visit the temple at Harajuku. I could loiter for hours in the park that surrounds the temple, and its really easy to forget you are in the middle of a capital city. This is one of my favourite things about Japan: no matter where you are, there is always a park or green-space somewhere close by. A place to chill out and just relax away from all the hustle and bustle.

Harajuku also houses the famous street where you can see all the young people in Cosplay,  buy crazy clothes and eat pancakes to your hearts content. 

Just a train stop away from Harajuku (or just a short walk) is the famous crossing in Shibuya! I would recommend people watching from one of the cafes close by :)

Owl Cafes

Last time I was in Tokyo I made sure to visit the famous cat cafes. However since my last trip, owl cafes have sprung up everywhere! And they don't just house owls. The one I ventured into also had otters, baby meerkats, two huge tortoises, a chinchilla and an unidentified fluff-ball of cuteness that … well, I don't know what it was...

Most of the animals you could play with - although signs warned which ones would bite and which ones just shouldn't be touched. But the owls! So many owls of all shapes and sizes. To be honest I was expecting like three owls maybe… there were about twenty! However in terms of being a cafe, the drinks weren't so great...


(Tempura - and yeah, they did shape the seaweed into a shurikien!)

So much food… but only so much room in my jeans! For those of you who don't already know, food plays a huge part in all of my trips. I refuse to eat anything that isn't native to the country and Japan has so many extraordinary dishes. 

  • Tempura (deep friend everything)
  • Okonomiyaki (noodle/squid/vegtable pancake thing) 
  • Nigiri (Rice balls)
  • Omu-Rice (Rice Omelette - simple and delicious)
  • Sushi!
  • This list could go on and on…

(Meet Hideki, the coolest dog in Japan)

And that’s been my week so far. With another 7 days to go, who knows what else I’ll get up too :) How has everyone else’s week been? 

Have any of you been to Tokyo? If so I would love to hear your recommendations of things to do and see - the more off the beaten track the better!

Until next time...


  1. Ohhhh... it's my dream one day to go to Japan. It looks super cool. Also, I'd love to go to that pancakes place.

    1. Ha ha - the pancakes are good :) Super decorative too!

  2. Bucket list! I've been to Tokyo airport at least twice but I've never been to the city proper. Gorgeous!

    1. Ah its nightmare when that happens! I've seen Taiwan and Dubai airport so many times but I never make it past the boarding gates lol - one day!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks hun - I'm sure I will. Everyday I seem to stumble onto something new!

  4. Ahh, Japan is one of my dream locations to visit one day and so I definitely loved reading about your travels! The pictures look beautiful, I'd love to visit an owl café myself and the food looks delicious. Hope you'll have a great rest of your trip!

    1. I hope you get to see it one day Lindsey - its literally my favourite place in the world! Every time I visit this country never fails to dazzle me! This trip the owl cafes were a definite surprise...