Friday 14 November 2014

A lesson in backing up!

broken computer in a lab

So like many wanna-be writers before me, the cruel and inevitable finally happened. My computer went boom! Or rather my computer overheated and my hard drive was essentially incinerated! 

So what's the damage? Well apart from me feeling like an idiot, and aside from needing a whole new computer,  I've lost my photos, music, movies, various important documents and of course, my writing!

 You're probably all now screaming at me, "why?! Why didn't you back it all up?!" 

And why didn't I take the advice of all those other heartbroken and unfortunate writers before me...? Well the truth is, I did. Yet fate it seems, hates me! And barely a mere three hours later fate saw fit to corrupt my pretty, red, Paperchase brought USB by giving it a virus! Then again, maybe I should have known better than to use the dodgy, computer game infested computers at my school here in China. But either way, it still comes down to majorly bad luck on my part! 

So my advice, back up your back ups! In fact - save stuff to your email (thankfully I had the sense to do that with my current work in progress) because to lose stuff you've had tucked away years and years, well it bites! 

So if you haven't already - go get backing up! You never know where fate will strike next...