Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Shadow Study Blog Tour - Interview with Maria. V. Snyder

To celebrate the release of her new book, Shadow Study, I'm lucky to welcome Maria. V. Snyder to the blog today. You can find my interview with her below.

You can also follow a link to my review of the book HERE.


Hey there, I just want to say a huge huge thank you for appearing on my blog! I love the study series and am so glad you decided to continue it! I asked some of my blog followers if they had any questions for you and this is what they came up with!

MVS: Thanks for being a part of my blog tour!

1) What made you decide to continue the Study series, apart from the obvious fan induced pressure?
MVS: My readers were a major part of the decision, but I also wanted to explore Valek’s past and return to the world and characters.  I missed them and it was a blast to be with them again.

2) In the book which character is the most difficult to write? Or is there one person you just don't like in general?
MVS: I had the most trouble with Valek’s POV.  The male perspective is difficult for a woman to write and I also wanted to show his emotions without going over-board. My readers love that he’s so confident about his abilities, but a character who has no weaknesses or self-doubts is unrealistic. I hope I struck the right balance. 

3) If you could meet and spend a whole day with any Character from the book, which one would it be and what would you do? 
MVS: I’d spend the day with Janco!  He’s such fun.  I think I’d like to explore/go sightseeing with him.  We’d get into so much trouble and discover all kinds of cool stuff. 

4) What was the biggest challenge you faced while writing Shadow Study?
MVS: How much background to include in the story.  I wanted a brand new reader to be able to pick it up and not be lost or confused – so the story had to stand on its own.  However, I also didn’t want to bore my loyal readers with a ton of details they already know.  And some of my readers are hard core fans, they know more than I do!  While others will forget what happened.  So finding that balance was the biggest challenge to me.  I hope it worked out – I had a friend read the book who hadn’t read any of the other Study books and she pointed out all the problem spots for me.

5) What was the best piece of writing advice you were given, back when you were still an aspiring author?
MVS: Persistence was the best advice I’d received.  To keep sending my book out to agents and publishers until there was no place left to send it to.  Also persistence in writing.  Finishing a novel is difficult—that middle section is a cold hard slog and just getting the words out and finishing the book is a milestone!  I have a bunch of free writing advice articles and tips on my website.  Here’s a link if anyone is interested:

6) Who is your favourite childhood villain?
MVS: Catwoman!  My sister and I used to watch Batman on TV, with Adam West and I always loved the episodes with Catwoman.

7) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
MVS: Donuts!  Love those and try not to eat too many!

Thanks very much :)
MVS: It was my pleasure!  If your readers would like more info about me and my books, I have the first chapter of all my books on my website as well as a number of free short stories (including ones with Yelena and Valek) they can read.  Here’s the link:  My Facebook page is where I’m the most active with updates and news.  Here’s the link: 

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