Thursday, 16 June 2016

Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well - Book Review

Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well - Book Review
H.J. Blenkinsop
MG Fantasy
(Kitty Tweddle Book #1)


Stuck for the summer in the tiny village of dribble, eleven-year-old Kitty Tweddle thinks this will be the worst summer ever. But her grandparents house holds many secrets, and when Kitty steps on an enchanted penny, a world filled with magic unravels around her. With a rouge wishing well spewing out bad wishes, a mysterious house full of secret passageways and magical creatures everywhere she turns, Kitty’s summer suddenly gets a lot more interesting.

But when a bogeyman escapes Fairyland, determined to use the well for his own dark wishes, Kitty’s whole world is put in danger. And only Kitty—aided by three talking cats and a book of magic—can stop him. If she fails, her home and everyone she loves will be lost. Forever.


H.J. Blenkinsop is a new, self-published author — and while I don't usually review self published books — this story really intrigued me and I just had to make the exception. Full of magic, mayhem and a wonderful cast of characters, KITTY TWEDDLE is a story that I think fans of Stephanie Burgis and Abi Elphinstone will love!

When eleven-year-old Kitty Tweddle is packed off to spend the summer with her grandparents — Kitty is certain it will be the most boring summer ever! Yet when she steps on a bad-penny, she discovers fairyland lies, quite literally, on her doorstep. And furthermore, She, Kitty Tweddle, is a witch. Or at least a witch in training. 

Now with a bogeyman on the loose and a rouge wishing-well about to erupt in her grandparents basement, Kitty must learn to use her newfound powers and fast. Otherwise, the world as she knows it could end with one evil wish…

I really enjoyed this book. It was fun, lighthearted and packed full of adventure. Kitty was an awesome, tom-boyish sort of heroine who many girls will find easy to relate to. She has a natural curiosity which tends to get her into trouble, although I found she was often a victim of circumstance. Chaos seems to follow wherever she goes!

Then there are the cats, Nutmeg, Baby and Roger. They are brilliant characters with very distinct personalities, and I found much of the humour in the book came from then. They made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion! 

However I found all the characters very well written. Kitty’s grandparents, the irritating neighbours known as the Snodgrasses, everyone right down to the bogeyman - they all added something extra to the story. All the magical creatures were also very interesting - and each was described in a very vivid way. This is literally a book that will send imaginations soaring. 

The plot is also fast paced with nearly every chapter ending on some kind of cliffhanger. I think many people would be hard pushed to put this story down. I also found the ending absolutely adorable! I truly think girls between the ages of 8 - 12 would love this story and I personally can’t wait for the second book.

A really magical debut - I give Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well 4 stars! 


  1. Woah ahha. There seems to be quite a lot happening in this book with all those peculiar characters. Love the review :)

  2. Hey Lola, Its a really nice read! Lots of fun and magic :) Thanks for stopping by!