About Me

This is me shopping in Osaka, Japan, October 2014

My name is Sarah. I'm 26, from the North-East of England, but you can usually find me wandering the world, always off on my next adventure... or if I'm home, on the sofa with a glass of chocolate milk and a cheese string!

However until June 2016 my home is in Hunan, China. Right now I work at a lovely little school named Bounce where I teach English and act as manager.

I'm an avid reader of pretty much anything and everything, although I prefer YA fiction, especially fantasy with a bit of romance thrown in :)

 I studied Holistic therapy at Uni, along with Japanese (shockingly, that never really helped me these last three years in China) but otherwise I'm an aspiring writer who loves baking, animals and all things Disney.

Any like minded people, please feel free to get in touch at anytime!