Friday, 3 November 2017

October in Review

Park in Warsaw - Poland

October In Review

October has been a truly wonderful month for me. While I haven't done much blogging - nor near as much reading as usual - I have been off exploring new places and simply basking in the Autumn glow. 

This Months Highlights:

AUTUMN - This is the first time I’ve experienced a real autumn in almost five years. When I lived in China, Summer reigned nine months of the year, winter the other three. There wasn't much of a transition between them, so being back in England has been blissful. The darkening nights, the sunset colours (So many colours!) and the ground littered with acorns and horse-chestnuts … It’s so magical! And while I’m sure I sound like special maple leaf to you guys, I will never take another spring or autumn for granted again.

NEW BEGINNINGS -  At the start of October my grandmother turned 88. A week later she made the decision to leave her house, and move into a care home. She is literally the BRAVEST person I know. 

Watching her sort through all her possessions, each one a  treasured memory, was heartbreaking, but for all the things she said goodbye too, she just tapped her head and said, “Everything is up here.” Then she tapped her heart, “And everyone I care about is in here.” 

Starting over in a new place at her age is daunting, but no challenge seems to much for my grandmother. I just wanted to give her a shout out today, because I hope one day I can be half as brave as her.

POLAND - Yes, I’m travelling again. Its fantastic being back on the road. I’m also thrilled after 3.5 months to be reunited with my partner in crime (aka - the boyfriend) who was off being superman in Canada. Nothing makes you realise how much you love someone until circumstances demand you apart! ... although I forgot how much he hogs the the blankets.

But Poland is amazing! So far we have consumed so many pirogies (Polish Dumplings), lots of goulash and the most amazing pancakes I’ve had in a good long while. Then there have been some amazing parks - an unexpected snow day during one hike - all followed by the best hot chocolate EVER that I found in Krakow.

I'll be doing a post on my Polish adventures later in the week for anyone who is interested. 

But now its November... and we are in Hungary, Budapest :)

Books Read:

  1. Hysteria by Lily Blake (Reign #2) ***
  2. Stolen Songbird by Danielle .L. Jensen ***
  3. The Songbird’s Overture by Danielle .L. Jensen **
  4. A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee **
  5. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo ***** (Loved Loved Loved!)
  6. Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova *** 
  7. Crystal Crowned by Elise Kova ****
  8. One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake ****


And that warps up October!

How is life for the rest of you? I hope you had a brilliant month too. Anything special in store for November? And good luck for anyone tackling NaNoWriMo this year!


  1. Autumn is absolutely beautiful. I was born Colombia, South America, and it's always summer there. I moved to the Netherlands a couple of years ago and I fell in love with this season. It's just beautiful.
    I wish your grandmother lots of good luck, although I don't think she needs it, she sounds wonderful and very, very strong.
    I have a Polish friend and oh my God pirogies are so good! My favourite are the ones with potatoes and cheese. Delicious.
    Hope you're having a good time in Budapest!

    1. Autumn is definitely my favourite season! And ha ha, my grandmas only been at the home a few weeks and she already knows everybody and is off doing every activity. Often we go to visit and she isn't even there!

      And Yes! Potato and cheese pirogies! They were my favourite too, although the cheese and spinach were a close second. I'm definitely going to try my hand at making them as soon as I get back to England!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I never experienced Autumn, but if I ever do, I bet it will be my favorite season! In my country, we only have 2 season. Your grandma sounds awesome; I'm someone who's always having trouble of letting go, so her saying really struck a chord with me. Best of luck for her! <3

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Trust me, I know all about two seasons... and the crazy weather you get in-between. The elements could spend up to three months deciding if it was summer or winter. We could hit a day of 25degrees then the next would be 7, the day after 32.... it was crazy!

      And glad my grandma's words struck a chord with you - she is a very sensible woman! I strive daily to be more like her :)

  3. Your October does sound wonderful! I wasn't aware that China basically doesn't have any fall or spring, so I can definitely understand your happiness at experiencing fall again!
    Ah your Poland travel sounds amazing and I'm already looking forward to your post on that!
    Hope you're having a great time in Budapest!
    Oh, and your grandmother sounds amazing and brave and I'm wishing her the best of luck with her new beginnings.

    1. Hey Lindsey! And some parts of China definitely getting more of a transition between seasons. Where I was you literally went from Summer to Winter and back again. The leaves just never changed colour!

      And Poland was amazing - I'm actually working on that post right now. After we travelled to Budapest and have just moved onto Prague :) All we seem to do though is eat, walk... then eat some more :) Its been fab! Although I've barely had any time for reading!