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A Little in Love - Book Review

A Little in Love - Book Review
Susan Fletcher
YA Historical 
UK Publisher: Chicken House


As a young child Eponie never knew kindness, except once from her family’s kitchen slave, Cosette. When at sixteen the girl’s paths cross again and their circumstances are reversed, Eponine must decide what that friendship is worth, even though they’ve both fallen for the same boy. In the end, Eponine will sacrifice everything to keep true love alive.


I love the stage show Les Miserables and was excited to learn that a book had been written from Eponine’s point of view. And while there is no singing and dancing around in the book - which I’m kind of grateful for as I think that would be weird - I have to say that Susan Fletcher has done a fantastic job of capturing Eponine’s character.

The story begins with a young Eponine. Through her eyes we watch how her family teaches her to steal, cheat and lie - yet despite their attempts to blacken her heart and soul, Eponine tries her best to live an honest life where she can. While this makes her appear weak in the eyes of her family it warms others opinion of her.

But when sixteen years later she runs into a young girl who once lived as their slave - Eponine feels a shocked bitterness at the reversal in their fortunes. Even more so when she discovers the man she loves has already had his heart stolen by the lovely Cosette. And as Paris calls out for a revolution, war breaks out across the streets of Paris, breaking the two lovers apart. Will Eponine revert back to the fiendish ways of her childhood, or will she strive to salvage her soul by doing all she can to unite the man she loves with the woman she was brought up to hate…

While somewhat slow in action, I did enjoy this book. Reading much like a memoir it takes the reader on a journey that brings the world of Les Miserables (the book - not the movie) to life through the eyes of Eponine. Exploring her rich childhood years through the decline of her families fortunes to the streets of Paris. It was an intriguing read.

Depicting Eponines dreams and secret wishes, it is a sad but beautiful tale that will open your eyes to the poverty, hardships and sacrifices faced by those who lived through the french revolution. A truly woeful and poignant story, 3.5 stars!

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