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The Alchemy of Forever - Book Review


The Alchemy of Forever

Avery Williams

Incarnation Series Book #1

YA Paranormal

In this first novel of the incarnation series, the immortal Seraphina grapples with a wrenching truth: Falling in love might mean succumbing to death. People say “love never dies”… but love might be the death of Seraphina.


I loved the premise of this book. Although it didn’t quite meet my expectations plot wise, it was still a nice read and I look forward to continuing the series.

Sera has been alive for centuries. Through the gift of alchemy, she can force her soul into another human’s body and take it over – thus, allowing her immortal life. Yet each body she takes only lasts ten years, and with each life stolen her soul becomes heavier with guilt.

 Now after almost 600 years of walking the earth, Sera decides that her current body will be her last. She would rather die than murder another soul. Yet when she witnesses a fatal car accident, her attempt to save the drivers life goes awry and she finds herself inside the body of sixteen year old Kailey Morgan. But does Kaileys life have more to offer her than death..?

I enjoyed this book and was fascinated by the idea of science and alchemy keeping ones soul alive. However I felt that some of the characters lacked depth and sometimes, given the nature of the storyline, believability.  For example my biggest issue with this book was with Kailey’s friends and family. A complete stranger (Sera) is now inhabiting  Kaileys body yet there is little to no mention of her acting differently. No change in personality or behaviour … I just found this a little strange.

I think this is also the reason the romance didn’t really work for me. Noah has supposedly been in love with Kailey for years. Yet he also didn’t pick up on the fact she was a completely different person. Unfortunately I thought these things really let the book down.

However the plot has a couple of good twists and turns and the premise of the story is so unique, that that alone keeps you turning the pages.  Overall though I would have liked to see more character development, and a little more back story on Sera’s history. Given that this was a relatively short book, I understand its lack of character building, however I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the second novel will be longer and hopefully, more satisfying.

Still the premise has great potential and I’m interested to see how things will progress in the next book. Therefore I give The Alchemy of Forever 3 stars!

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