Friday, 25 October 2013


(Me at the Great Wall)

Hey everyone!

I feel like it’s been ages since I wrote a personal post. Life in China however, is still keeping me crazy busy! Can you believe I’ve been here ten months already?

So October has been rather exciting for me. One of my best friends flew out from England to see me. She’s a bit of a ‘Jiynu’ – a stay at home girl, as the Chinese say – so I was so proud of her getting on a plane by herself and flying all this way.

I’m also pleased to report I can still understand the Geordie accent – Although apparently my own vocab has turned rather… American! (For this I blame my Texan roommate!) Hopefully I can fix this before I return to England.

However the best thing I did this month was visit Beijing. The Forbidden City, the summer Palace, and especially the great wall of China – It was amazing! 

I visited the Jinshanling part of the Great Wall and I would totally recommend it. One of the oldest surviving parts, it was one hell of hike but the views were phenomenal.
I also ate lots of Peking duck, avoided the (still alive) scorpions on sticks and haggled my butt off at every market stall. It was a great experience!

(Seahorse on a stick? No? Perhaps a Scorpion then...?)

Otherwise I’m still having fun teaching. My Chinese is… well, slowly getting better. Oh and as you can obviously see, I survived the Typhoon that we had at the beginning of the month. Although wading in knee deep water for my dinner was certainly an interesting experience lol

(the day after the Typhoon) 

So how was your October?  

I'm also writing again and am very close to finally finishing my YA novel. As I tend to edit as I go, there's not much more I can do it and I think a fresh pair of eyes would be very useful. Therefore I'm looking for a critique partner (or two) - someone who won't mind ripping into my work and is happy for me to do the same to theirs. I'm hoping to start querying agents early next year so please leave a comment or shoot me an email if your interested...

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  1. What a fab post, I love hearing about your adventures in China!