Thursday, 28 February 2013

Firelight - Book Review

Sophie Jordan
 YA Fantasy

With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special even among the drake – the descendants of dragons with the power to shift into human form.
But when Jacinda’s rebelliousness forces her family to flee to the human world, her draki spirit starts to fade. If it is lost, she will remain forever, as a human. The only thing that revives it is gorgeous, elusive Will… whose family hunts her kind.
Jacinda can’t resist getting closer to him. Even if it means risking the draki’s most closely-guarded secret – and her life…

This is book is very original. I really liked the idea of the ‘Draki’ who are descendants of dragons, gifted with the ability to take on human form. And while I thought the story did get off to a slow start, it is ultimately very enjoyable.
The main character, Jacinda, is a rare fire breathing Draki who is considered the princess of her pride. However when she breaks the prides rules by venturing out in daylight, she comes close to death when she fly’s directly into the hands of the hunters. Yet when one of the hunters spares her life, Jacinda escapes only to face the wrath of her tribe.
When they decide to clip her wings and keep her grounded for life, Jacinda’s mother helps her escape, but their separation from the pride comes with a cost. Coming to live in a desert town, Jacinda knows it is the one place where the other Draki will not look for her. Simply because the dry desert heat is the one thing that can kill off the Draki’s soul and force them to remain human forever. And such is to be Jacinda’s fate. But when she once again encounters the hunter who saved her, she discovers that something about this boy stirs the draki within her, keeping its spark alive. But the question remains, will he save her once again? Or end her existence forever…
I quite liked the writing style in this book. Sophie Jordan writes some beautiful descriptions and the prose flowed really well. Jacinda is an interesting main character, if a bit of an indecisive one, and you really did feel for when her draki began to suffocate and wither within the dry, human world.
As for the other characters, Will, the hunter made for a sweet love interest and although he and Jacinda had great chemistry, I can’t say that there was anything particularly memorable or captivating about him. Sadly – he just didn’t do it for me. However while I found Jacinda’s twin sister very annoying, I still liked the way she was portrayed.  Having been born human she had lived her life in Jacinda’s shadow and I liked that she was finally finding her own identity – even though it meant Jacinda losing hers.
Yet my main gripe with this book is that it ended on a cliff hanger and left many questions unanswered. Too much was left unresolved and I found that very frustrating as a reader. Yet please don’t let that put you off as overall I did enjoy this book and am interested to see where it’s sequel, Vanish, will lead.  So all in, a fair start to a promising new series :) 3 stars!

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