Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Love of Reading - Why do you Read?

For the love of Reading… Why do people read?
On holiday in Scotland, I spent last Friday exploring Wig Town, a delightful little place on the western coast of Scotland that is completely devoted to books.  It was here, while I was quite literally lost among the shelves of one of the (very deceivingly) large book shops, my other half lurked, bored and heavy sighing behind me, and posed the question:
“Why do people read? It’s so boring!”
Naturally, my response was to call him a douche then ignore him for the rest of day.  Yet it did get me wondering – why do I read so much? And better yet, how could I explain my love of books to someone who doesn’t read and just doesn’t understand the magic behind it. So anyway – one week later – here is my response to his question.
“For me, reading is an adventure.”
Stories have let me walk through the jungles of India, explore long lost cities and live among a dozen different cultures. Through books I have travelled to many countries and discovered worlds vastly different to this one.
 I have fallen in love countless times and experienced a hundred first kisses. I’ve had my heartbroken and shared a character’s tears. Books make me laugh; some make me cry, but all books share an experience, if only through another’s eyes.
I’ve suffered from deafness and blindness, been both disfigured and whole.  I’ve been a queen and a merchant, a courtesan and a beggar. I’ve had myths and legends come alive, walked through history and journeyed through futures both near and far.
Books have taught me manners and opened my eyes to the world. They have made me the person I am and continue to teach me about the kind of person that I want to be. They let me escape the mundane and leave my troubles behind.
 That is the magic of reading, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s story will bring…
So I put it to you all, why do you read? Feel free to share in the comments below !


  1. wow, very well said... I read to escape the real world. In books, the worlds are happy or at least different. It allows me to be someone other than myself, which is sometimes better.