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Fated - Book Review

The soul seekers: Fated – Book Review
 (Book #1 of the Soul Seekers series)
Alyson Noel
YA Paranormal
Lately strange things have been happening to Daire Santos. Animals follow her, crows mock her, and glowing people appear out of nowhere. Worried that Daire is having a nervous breakdown, her mother packs her off to stay in the dusty plains of Enchantment, New Mexico with a grandmother she’s never met.
There she crosses paths with Dace, a gorgeous guy with unearthly blue eyes who she’s encountered before...but only in her dreams. And she’ll get to know her grandmother—a woman who recognizes Daire’s bizarre episodes for what they are. A call to her true destiny as a Soul Seeker, one who can navigate between the worlds of the living and the dead. Her grandmother immediately begins teaching her to harness her powers—but it’s an art that must be mastered quickly. Because Dace’s brother is an evil shape-shifter who’s out to steal her powers. Now Daire must embrace her fate as a Soul Seeker and find out if Dace is one guy she’s meant to be with...or if he’s allied with the enemy she’s destined to destroy.
I’ll admit now that while I have read Alyson Noels Immortal series, I wasn’t really a huge fan of the books. Therefore I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this new soul seeker series but I have to say, despite quite a few nit-picks, I did enjoy it and will most certainly be reading the next book.
The story begins with Daire, a young girl who has spent her life travelling around the world from movie set to movie set with her mother, a make-up artist for Hollywood’s elite. However on the day of Daire’s sixteenth birthday, that life comes to end when Daire starts having freaky visions of ravens and dismembered heads that drive her to a hysterical breakdown.
Not wanting to spend the rest of her life on medication on in the confines of a mental institution, Daire takes the only other option available and moves in with her old, long lost grandmother who claims she can cure Daire of these horrifying visions. However Daire soon learns that these visions are no mental defect, but are part of her inherited powers. As the last descendant of a long line of powerful Shamans, the fate of the world now rests on her shoulders and Daire must learn to harness and use her abilities before evil can break free, and destroy everything good in this world…
One of my favourite things about this book was the mysticism. Stemming from the traditional Native American culture, this story was full animal spirit guides, vision quests and the universal idea that everything has its own mystical life force and energy. It was particularly interesting to read how Daire, a very modern teenage, adapts to her new found heritage by taking on the diet and mind frame required for her new shamanic way of life.
Unfortunately though, I found the romance aspect of this novel a huge letdown. While the love interest Dace was totally gorgeous and swoon worthy, the romance itself didn’t really develop so much as it was instant love. Instant kiss. Instant I guess we are now boyfriend and girlfriend… So yeah. I’m going to hope the romance expands a bit more in the next book.
As for the other characters, I really liked Daire. With her less than normal upbringing her reactions to regular things such as high school are quite amusing, and I liked watching the relationship between her and her (slightly quirky) grandmother develop. The bad guy Cade, however, I found mostly arrogant and annoying. Daire’s mother Jennika though – I just didn’t like at all. She was bossy, childish and quite frankly came across as uncaring, not very good traits for a mother character. Otherwise I really liked the rest of the cast, Paloma and Shay being particular favourites of mine.
My last and final fault was the drama. The plot was interesting and the stakes were high, but I felt like everything was resolved rather quickly and perhaps just a little too easily. For that reason I think that this book would be enjoyed more by a younger YA audience, or anyone who wants less conflict in their books and are guaranteed the reassurance of a happy ending.
So overall I found ‘Fated’ to be a very enjoyable story but with a few definite flaws. Hopefully the next book will bring with it more and romance and drama but regardless, I shall definitely be reading the sequel ‘Echo’ which is to be published in September 2012. 3 ½ Stars!


  1. You're not the first one to have mentioned the dry romance part and the flawed plot. I was a fan of the first three books of Immortals but it went downhill from there.

    Talk Supe

  2. I like your review- good to see an honest one that can point out the faults and the good stuff. I still want to read this! Sounds like an easy read- maybe for the beach? :-)

    Thanks for stopping by YAF and WS.