Sunday, 22 April 2012


Another great week for me! The postman brought me both Books and Sweeties! Check it out:
Scarlet by A.C Gaughen (Bloomsbury)
Jasmine Skies by Sita Brahmachari (Mcmillan)
A Face like Glass by Frances Hardinge (Mcmillan)
As always, thank you so much to all the publishers for the review copies!
Red Glove by Holly Black from Donna & Jess @BookPassionforLife
2 bars of Dairy Milk from Jessica @Nayusreadingcorner
Also thank you Laura for the sweeties! The Fizz Wizz was the highlight of my month! (note: sadly most of the sweets are long gone but thankfully I had the foresight/restraint to take a picture first lol). Everyone should also check out laura’s blog here @SisterSpooky. Tis choc-full of awesomeness!
Well that sums up this week. What was in your Mailbox?
Happy Reading!


  1. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  2. I hope you'll enjoy Scarlet and the rest of the pretties you got this week! :)

  3. Can I have the candy bars? :D I really am getting that Scarlet book.

    Talk Supe IMM