Friday, 2 December 2011

Entangled - Book Review

Cat Clarke
Contemporary YA
Seventeen-year-old Grace wakes up in a white room, with a table, pens and paper – and no clue how she got there.
As Grace pours her tangled life onto the page she is forced she remember everything she tried to forget. There’s falling hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Nat, and the unravelling of her relationship with her best friend Sal. But there’s something missing.
Grace must face the most important question of all.
                                                            Why is she here?
Entangled is a really fascinating, cleverly written read that captures your full attention from page one. Incredibly thought provoking, Cat Clarke skilfully weaves a story that deals with many of the darker, teenage issues such as cutting, pregnancy, casual sex and suicide. Yet despite these elements, the main character Grace always keeps the story from getting to depressing with her sarcastic humour and honest remarks.

Written from Graces view point, the reader is instantly aware that Grace is a girl with issues. She has a lot of inner turmoil and low self esteem, and despite her badass, grown-up attitude her thoughts and actions show just how young and naive she really is. I also think she is also one of the most realistic characters I have ever read in teenage fiction.

Also, even though my own teenage years weren’t bad, there was always something within Grace that I (and I think most girls) could relate back to. Whether it’s low self esteem or problems with friendship, or even just those times when you’re alone or there’s no one around who seems to understand you - this is what I think makes Entangled such a powerful novel. It is also full of British slang and references which I totally loved ! (As any other Brits out there will understand – YA authors at our end of the world are hard to find).

Throughout the book there are also hints that something about the story itself is off, but you can never quite tell what (all my guesses and theories of what would happen completely went out the window). All of which leads up to a very twist worthy-ending that will leave you pondering about Grace, her life and what will happen to her next.

Therefore, Entangled is a captivating and powerful debut novel filled with emotion and depth that will make you cry, laugh and curse. Totally and completely recommended! J


  1. I hated this book LOL
    It bored me and by the end wished I hadn't wasted my time reading it.

    Glad you liked it tho. Good review

  2. Thanks for the review. I'm definitely going to check it out since I dealt with some of those issues when I was in university.

  3. Since this isn't a traditionally published book (at least I couldn't find it listed online for Canada's major bookseller), could you let us know where to find it? :D

  4. Wow, that sounds like such a powerful read! Thanks so much for the review!

  5. This is one of my favourite ever books, it's amazing and- s you said- captivating. Grace was definitely relatable, which is one of the things that made the book so good. Great review(: