Friday, 18 November 2011

Guitar Girl - Book Review

Guitar Girl – Book Review
Sarra Manning
YA chick-lit
Molly’s band, The Hormones, was only ever suppose to be about mucking around with Jane and Tara, writing songs about Hello Kitty and being a girl. But when the band gets hijacked by demonic Dean and his mate T, they find themselves on a roller-coaster ride to the top of the charts. Screaming fans, diva tantrums and love on the road. Molly feels like a real rockstar…
But fame never comes for free, and Molly’s about to find out what it costs…

Depicting the life of Molly Montgomery ‘Guitar Girl’ follows the highs and lows of a normal high school girl who is suddenly thrust into living life in the spotlight. When she and her band are unexpectedly rushed into stardom, Molly is forced to deal with the pressures of fame, drugs, blackmail and a broken relationship with her parents. Not to mention a possible new romance with the guy she hates most in the world, her fellow band mate and know-it-all Dean. Yet as Molly moves into the fast paced world of the music industry she soon learns that while everything is pretty and sparkly on the surface, enemies lurk around every corner.
Told in a flash back style, the reader is well aware from the beginning that this will be a story of betrayal, heartache and a big; blow-up ending that inevitably leads to a lawsuit. However, this does not spoil the story in any way and Sarra Manning weaves a well written tale of teenage angst while exploring the issues/expectations that come with being famous.
Overall I thought it was a good book with a very original story. It had a plot that bordered on the line of ‘yeah – it’s a little out there but it could happen’ which I think would really appeal to teenage girls, although I think readers aged between 12 – 15 would appreciate this book the most.
However I will admit that Y/A contemporary chick-lit isn’t really my kind of story (but I am trying to branch out in what I read) so while I probably won’t read Sarra Manning again, I can see why so many people adore her writing. I think she really connects to the feelings, drama and tantrums that come with being a teenage girl J
However as a note for older readers, or the younger – more advanced readers out there who started dipping into the adult section at 13 (yeah, I was one of those to) I don’t know if this book would be your thing. While the story was good, Molly as a character was very innocent and very immature. There were many points in the book where I had to pause just so I could rant at her. Usually something like, ‘Stop! Why would you do that? Can’t you see you’re being tricked?’ kind of thing – which I think some people may lose patience with. Still, I thought it was a good book to pass the time.


  1. This sounds fun! I don't really go for a lot of straight romance-y contemp, but Contemporary IS my favorite genre :) This one sounds fun and I've been loving a lot of music themed books lately!

  2. I love this book - but then I'm a huge Sarra Manning fan! I enjoyed reading your review. Thanks!

  3. Really love this book AMAIZING book EVER