Monday, 31 October 2011

Show Gratitude for Books

Over on her blog, Beth Revis is hosting a fantasic giveaway to win 19 signed books! Plus there is Swag and runner-up prizes to be won! To enter all you have to do is write a post about which book you are most grateful for.

For me there was only ever one choice:

J. M Barries Classic Story - Peter Pan

I always loved this book as a child and thought Neverland sounded such a magical place. Every night I would jump on my bed trying to fly so that I could go there and have adventures with pirates and mermaids - and there would be no adults to make me go to bed or brush my teeth!

As a child I would always make my grandfather read it to me. He had such a story telling voice and somehow he made the words come alive. After he passed, this book was a great comfort to me and I have a beautiful hard back edition that still bares his 'happy birthday' message to me in the right hand corner of the inner cover. It's a book I will always treasure.

So that is why I'm grateful for this book. Not only has it given me happy memories of my grandfather, but it has inspired many an afternoon of adventuring in the garden, magical feasts in my den (which honestly was just a big cloth that kept me hidden under my grandparents dining room table) and daring battles with my old dog Nanny-Ben who was kind & patient enough to put up with for all those years.

Magical and fantastical - Peter Pan still stirs my imagination to this day.
'The second star to the right, and straight on until morning.'
That is where dreams are found.

What books are you grateful for?


  1. I had a big book of classic fairy tales as a child that I'm grateful for.

    I'll check out the contest.

  2. Such a magical book, so many great books out there!