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Sovay - Book Review

SOVAY – Book Review
Celia Rees
YA Historical
England, 1974
She pulled down the black mask that she had worn at last winter’s masked ball and pulled up the green silk kerchief to hide the lower half of her face. The coach creaked almost to a halt at the crest of the rise, the horses sweating after the steep hill. As the driver drew back his whip to urge them onward, Sovay drew her pistol and walked her horse forward.
When Sovay becomes a highway robber, she does so to test her beloved’s ardour. But she continues for other reasons, reasons related to her father’s disappearance, and the claim that he has committed treason…
‘Sovay’ was a very enjoyable book but it wasn’t at all like I expected. From the books description I thought it would be all about a young girl turned outlaw, almost like a female robin hood, yet Celia Rees went a step further and made it so much more. Revolving around the French revolution the story was full of spies, death plots and intrigues, with likeable and interesting characters, each with their own history and engaging personality.
I particularly liked the main character Sovay, who keeps her strong will and daring hidden behind a demure female mask. She is truly a woman ahead of her time and I like how she often shocks her male companions by doing something society deems ‘manly and unfeminine’.
My only criticisms of this book are that I didn’t think there were enough outlaw scenes and I was never sure who Sovay’s love interest was supposed to be until the very end, however there were so many great potentials that I would have been happy with whoever she had ended up with.  Also I feel that some of the characters from the beginning were either forgotten or put aside yet having said that none of these things spoilt the book for me.
Overall it was a really enjoyable read I remain a big fan of Celia Rees’ books, my favourite however still being ‘Pirates’. Yet as for ‘Sovay’, I would recommend it to any lover of strong heroines, historical fiction and anyone who just wants something a little different.

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