Saturday, 16 July 2011

Book Review - Devils Kiss

Devils Kiss - Book rewview
Sarwat Chadda
YA Fantasy

Fifteen-year-old Billi SanGreal never meant to make history. Dragged at the age of ten into a modern-day Knights Templar by her father, the grand master, Billi's the first girl ever to be a Templar warrior. Her life is a rigorous and brutal round of weapon's practice, demon killing and occult lore - and a lot of bruises.

But then, temptation is placed in Billi's path - an alternative to her isolated life. But temptation brings consequences. In this case - the tenth plague - the death of all first borns and so Billi must choose her destiny. And she soon discovers, death isn't even the worst ...

This was a really intriguing read and the book's cover is fantastic. It had me captivated from page 1. filled with great characters that you can't help but feel for, Devil's kiss is about an epic battle between good and evil. Fast paced and engaging it continued to surprise me with its un-expected plot twists and grisly descriptions.

However while Romance took a somewhat back seat in the book it was still throughly enjoyable and the rare heart-swelling moments were either extremely sweet or heart-wrenchingly sad. Also the ending was a lot more subtle than I expected. At first I wasn't to keen on it and thought it a little anti-climatic. It did however leave me thinking and the more I thought about it, the more I appreciated what an ingenuous ending it actually was.

So overall I would totally recommend this book to everyone! It was truly an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into its sequel :)

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