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Chime Book Review

Chime – Book Review

Franny Billingsley

YA Historical Fantasy


‘I’ve confessed to everything and I’d like to be hanged. Now, if you please.’
Briony knows she is a witch. She also knows that now her beloved stepmother is dead, she must look after her beautiful but complicated twin sister Rose. Then the energetic, electric, golden-haired Eldric arrives in her home town of Swampsea, and everything that Briony thinks she knows about herself and her life is turned magically, dizzingly upside down…


Chime is a unique read with a fairytale like quality that will leave your mind reeling – in a good way :) With a fresh voice, and interesting plotline, it’s safe to say that I enjoyed this book immensely!

Seventeen year old Briony Larkin has a deadly secret, one that if revealed, will have her sent straight to the noose. She’s a witch! She sees what others don’t, can do things no others can, and since childhood, she has been inexplicably drawn to the swamp that borders her town.

But when a man arrives from the city, claiming his intentions to drain the swamp (long known among the locals for its mysterious and dangerous powers), Briony knows she can’t let this happen. Because as the swamp begins to drain, old memories resurface and suddenly, Briony just might remember what really happened the night her step-mother died…

First of all I have to mention how great the opening line of this book is. It really drew me and I only wish that all first lines could be so good. However, unfortunately for me, after that I found the book really hard to get into. The style of writing is like nothing that I have ever seen before and is a little strange. Especially at first, as the story is told mostly through Briony’s thoughts, which can read a little random and disjointed at times.

However after some perseverance, I reached chapter twelve where I finally began to stop noticing the odd way of writing and actually started to enjoy the story. From here the reader can begin to appreciate the subtle plots and intrigues the story has. For example the romance between her and Eldric is sweet, yet it is not told like your typical love story. For example Briony is an person who defines people into two categories, she either hates them, or she tolerates them. She doesn’t hate Eldric, therefore she tolerates him… and eventually attraction and romance slowly follow.

Also while the book is filled with lots of randomness, I really enjoyed its ending as finally some (but not all) things began to make sense. Therefore overall it’s probably the most unique book I’ve ever read and I would recommend it to anyway who wants a story that blurs all the rules and margins of YA fiction and leaves them pondering what’s next?

Overall I would say that Franny Billingsley is definitely an author to watch out for as she will turn your world upside down! A fun, crazy and exceedingly interesting book! 4 stars!

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